Why You Should Use Tire Storage

Those seasonal tires don't need to take up space. Use tire storage.
Posted On December 23, 2021
By Integra Tire Canada

Many Canadians began having their winter tires mounted in late October – and before we know it, spring will be just around the corner. Customers often have their off-season set of tires bagged and placed in their trunk so they can be stored at home. Did you know there is a better solution: tire storage? Integra Tire’s tire storage is a service offered by most Integra Tires (call for availability). When you store your tires with Integra Tire, we will keep them in a safe, dry space over the off-season and have them ready to mount on your vehicle the following season.

In this article, we’ll discuss why this is a great solution.

Save Space and Time

The most obvious advantage of using our tire storage is that you can avoid having to store them at your home. Tires are heavy, awkward to carry, and usually dirty after they are unmounted.  If you choose to store them at home, aside from them taking up space, you may risk injury lifting your tires in and out of your trunk and onto your garage shelves (assuming you do have shelving). Regardless of where you store your tires, they may be a hazard, as there is always a risk of them falling off your shelves or toppling over, damaging property, or injuring your children.

Storage Conditions

To ensure your tires last a long time, it’s important that they are stored in optimal conditions. Failure to store your tires properly leads to premature wear, damage, and cracking. Tires should be cleaned before being stored, as failure to do so will lead to easily prevented damage. Tires should also be kept in cool, dry conditions. Excessive sunlight/UV rays will lead to the breakdown of rubber compounds.

Our tire storage experts take the guess work out of storage, ensuring your tires are cleaned, inspected, and stored in the optimal conditions for a maximum lifespan.


Stay Ahead Of The Curve

One of the most important advantages of using our tire storage services is that we will ensure you’re ready for the upcoming season. Once entered into our system, we’ll ensure that:

  • Your tires are inspected before and after storage. Although your tires will always be inspected before being mounted, your tires will receive an additional inspection before being stored for the season, and once again afterwards. This includes measuring the tread depth, checking for punctures, and ensuring they’ll be ready for the upcoming season. If there are any issues with your tires, we can pre-emptively put a plan in place to ensure you are not delayed before the upcoming season. This includes making any repairs, ordering a new set, and taking advantage of any rebates or sales.
  • You’ll be ready before everyone else. Tire storage customers are typically contacted and scheduled in for changeovers before the seasonal rush. This takes one more thing off your plate, as failure to book in an appointment may lead to weeks of driving on the wrong tires.

Disclaimer: Integra Tires are independently owned, and each Integra Tire may offer different services.

Questions? Our Advisors are Happy to Help!

If you have questions about anything you've read in this resource page, contact your nearest Integra Tire dealer for more information. We are passionate in assisting our customers make the best choices to keep their vehicles in tip-top shape and keep their families safe.
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