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Our retreaders adhere to stringent industry practices at every step of the retreading process. Retreaded tires, in all applications, have consistently demonstrated the same reliability in operation as new tires.

Many of our fleets plan their new tire purchases with the intention of having their worn casings retreaded two or more times as a routine part of their tire budgets.

Retreaded tires are used safely every day on airplanes, school buses, fire engines, ambulances, trucking fleets, taxis, postal service vehicles, and military vehicles.

Let Integra Tire improve the total life-cycle performance of your fleet’s tires with our comprehensive approach to retreading and our unique retread manufacturing capabilities.

The Bottom Line on Retreaded Tires:

  1. Can reduce tire operating costs an average of 40-50%
  2. An application specific tread will increase fuel efficiency and improve traction and wear rates.
  3. Current retread designs provide some of the best off-road and winter traction available.
  4. Save the environment by recycling used casings – 7 gallons of oil are used in a retread vs. 22 gallons of oil in a new tire.