Agricultural Tire Service

Your farm equipment must be running at all times, our farm tire specialists can help.

Canada’s farmers not only provide food for families across the country, but are the foundation of many industries all across Canada. Running a successful farm is not only the result of experience, but also clear thought, skilled management, and a tremendous deal of hard labor. At Integra Tire, we understand there is often a narrow timeframe during seed and harvest; equipment must be up and running at all times that it is needed. We strive to support farmers by providing efficient tire service, an excellent selection of brands, and efficient service to keep your equipment in it’s best shape.

Agricultural Tire Brands

Depending on your budget and needs, you may be interested in a premium tire with a longer lifespan and warranty, or a more economical product. Integra Tire has access to a wide array of agricultural tire brands to ensure we have a product that meets your budget.

Agricultural Tire Maintenance Programs

The best offense is a strong defense, and that's what a great maintenance program is all about. As part of this program, a agricultural tire specialist will meet with you to discuss your needs, as well as craft a plan for maintenance. This discussion might include your budget, where your equipment is being used, frequency of travel, the type of terrain you encounter, and more. An optimal agricultural tire maintenance program includes regularly inspecting equipment, keeping an inventory of common agricultural tire sizes, 24 hour assistance for emergencies, and more.

Why Choose Integra Tire For Your Agricultural Tire Needs

At Integra Tire, it is important to us to maintain long-term connections with our customers. By exhibiting honesty and integrity, we hope to build trust and confidence. We're here to help, and we do so by working hard and thinking beyond the box. Agricultural Tire sales and maintenance is what we specialize in, so we know what it takes to keep you on the road. You're not working when your equipment isn't in optimal condition. We work tirelessly to find ways to reduce equipment downtime.

About Integra Tire Canada

Integra Tire Canada is a network of independent tire, automotive, and maintenance dealers across Canada established in 2008. But what makes us different? Our commitment to the truly local philosophy - our endless pursuit of excellence, every day for our communities. All our stores across Canada may look a little different on the outside, but inside we’re always all the same – full of grassroots values and locals who care.

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