How to Winterize Your Car

Posted October 17, 2017

The chill of winter is in the air and you want to make sure that your car is prepped before the snow hits. Here are some steps to take to winterize your car:

Install Your Winter Tires

Winter tires are designed for temperatures below 7°C. The special rubber that they are made with will stay softer in cold temperatures, allowing them to grip the road and reduce the risk of your vehicle sliding or you losing control of your vehicle. Make sure to have your winter tires installed before the snow falls to ensure your safety.

Replace Your Windshield Wipers

You can purchase winter wipers for your vehicle that will reduce ice buildup on your windshield. These wipers are stronger than spring and summer wipers so that they can remove heavy snow as well.

Check Your Windshield Washer Fluid

Ensure that you have winter washer fluid in your vehicle. If you currently have bug wash in your reservoir, you will need to replace it with winter washer fluid because the bug wash could freeze and destroy your reservoir and pipes. It’s also important to keep your fluid reservoir full to keep it from freezing as well.

Get a Winter Tire Safety Kit

Make sure to have a winter tire safety kit in your car that includes booster cables, a flashlight, a blanket, ice salt, a shovel, and an ice scraper.

Keep Your Gas Tank Full

Just like your windshield washer fluid reservoir, your gas tank could also build up with condensation and freeze if you let your gas tank get too low. During the winter months you should keep your gas tank at least half full.

Make Sure Your Heater Is Working

Test your heater before the weather gets too cold, in case you find that it is not working.

Test Your Defroster

Test your vehicle’s front and rear defroster to ensure that it is working and if you find it’s not working, get it replaced as soon as you can – especially before the snow falls.

There’s always a lot to do before the snow falls so get your checklist going now and head into your local Integra Tire for all your tire and maintenance requirements!


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