Is Your Vehicle Ready for the Road? How to Perform a Trip Safety Check

Posted On July 1, 2023
By Integra Tire Canada

Before you hit the road for your next adventure, let’s make sure you’re all set for a safe and smooth journey! At Integra Tire Canada, we believe that the safety and well-being of everyone in your vehicle should always come first. That’s why we’ve put together this easy-to-follow guide on how to perform a pre-trip safety check. By taking a few minutes to go through these simple steps, you can help prevent accidents and ensure a worry-free ride for you and your passengers. So, buckle up and let’s make safety the driving force behind every road trip!

Start By Inspecting Seatbelts for Proper Functionality

Safety begins with buckling up! Carefully inspect each seatbelt to ensure it’s in good condition and working correctly. When you have little adventurers on board, be sure to use the right car seat or booster seat based on their age, weight, and height. Let’s keep everyone safe and secure for the journey ahead!

Double Check Wipers and Washer Fluid

Inspect your wipers for any signs of wear, such as cracks or tears in the rubber blades, as damaged wipers can hinder your visibility and compromise safety, especially during heavy rain or snow. If you notice any issues with the wipers, it’s essential to replace them promptly to ensure optimum performance. Additionally, don’t forget to top up the washer fluid reservoir.

Verify Signal Lights and Brake Lights

Enlist the help of a companion to assist you in this quick check. First, test all signal lights, including turn signals and hazard lights, to ensure they are in working order. Next, check the brake lights to confirm that they illuminate promptly when you press the brake pedal.

Adjust Your Mirrors

Properly adjust all mirrors, including the rearview mirror and side mirrors, to eliminate blind spots and enhance your awareness of surrounding traffic.

Connect Handheld Devices to Bluetooth and Preselect Radio Stations

Ensure your handheld devices, such as smartphones, are connected to the vehicle’s Bluetooth system for hands-free calling and audio streaming. Additionally, preselect your preferred radio stations to avoid distractions while driving.

Check Tire Pressure and Tread Depth

Use a tire pressure gauge to inspect tire pressure, ensuring all tires are inflated to the recommended levels. Also, examine the tread depth to ensure they provide adequate traction for a safe journey.

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Double Check Your Emergency Kit

You know what they say, better safe than sorry! Take a moment to review your vehicle’s emergency kit and first aid supplies. Ensure that the kit is well-stocked with essential items such as a reliable flashlight, jumper cables, reflective triangles, and a comprehensive first aid kit. Being prepared for unexpected situations on the road is crucial, as it allows you to handle emergencies with confidence and efficiency. Trust us, having essentials like a reliable flashlight, jumper cables, and a first aid kit can be a real lifesaver when the unexpected happens.

With your pre-trip safety check complete, you’re all set to hit the road with confidence! So, let the adventure begin, and remember, safety never takes a back seat when you’re driving. Happy travels!


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