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Light Duty Fleet Service

Do you operate a fleet of cars, vans, or light truck vehicles? Integra Tire knows how important it is to your business that all vehicles are operating at all times. In fact, down time can be one of the most expensive issues your business will face – that’s why Integra Tire has a team of dedicated technicians that will keep your downtime to a minimum and have your vehicles in their best shape.

Trusted Service

Trust one brand for all your fleet repair and maintenance  needs – Integra Tire. By using one service provider, you will ensure you are receiving trusted service by a trusted name. We will also keep accurate records and billing reports on all your vehicles to ensure that all information is readily available.

The Right Solutions for Your Needs

It is important that your fleet consistently receives the right service, parts, and follows maintenance procedures. When Integra Tire services your fleet, we’ll work with your team to ensure the products that fit your needs are consistently used. This includes mechanical parts, application-based tires, and the correct maintenance.

Yard Checks and Fleet Inspections

The best way to avoid costly repairs and downtime is to catch problems before they occur. During yard checks, one of our technicians can visit your yard and visually inspect your fleet for common problems that can easily be identified. More in-depth fleet inspections can be scheduled that identify harder-to-see problems as well as perform scheduled maintenance.

Billing/Invoice Accounts

In some cases, your local Integra Tire can set up a billing account and/or invoice terms for servicing your equipment. Billing on account is more convenient and easy for your company vehicles  to receive work when it is needed.