Shocks and Struts Service

Your vehicle’s suspension is what makes your ride smooth and enjoyable, but it also does much more than that! It’s essentially what connects your vehicle and wheels, keeps your vehicle straight, helps turn the vehicle, controls the ride height, and absorbs shock from bumps. Failing components will cause uncomfortable driving as well as safety concerns. The great thing is that diagnosing suspension problems can be relatively easy when inspected by an experienced technician. Your local Integra Tire can inspect your suspension at your next visit or at your request.

Diagnosing Suspension Problems

There are a number of symptoms related to failing suspension; however, to make it simple,  think of what suspension does: keeps the vehicle straight, helps turn the vehicle, controls the ride height and comfort, and absorbs shocks; typically, a faulty suspension component will cause noise, shaking, or discomfort while performing one of these functions. Any clunking or knocking noises while going over bumps and turning, shaking in the steering wheel, pulling to one side, or squeaking and dipping shocks means it’s time to have your local Integra Tire inspect the component.

Wheel Alignments

Having your wheels and suspension properly aligned is an important part of a smooth ride. Your alignment should be checked annually at your local Integra Tire, and alignments should be performed after replacing any suspension-related component. Wheel alignment can become thrown off over time by hitting bumps, potholes, or other abnormalities and should be inspected once a year. A vehicle with improper alignment will likely pull to one side or cause a shake while driving, which may be felt in the steering wheel; you may also notice uneven tire wear. The technicians at Integra Tire use state-of-the-art equipment to check if your vehicle’s alignment is correct and can measure exactly what adjustments need to be made to correct these problems.