How to Save on Gas this Summer

Posted On May 23, 2018
By Integra Tire Canada

Summer is almost here, the kids are almost out of school and you’re planning your summer road trip! The one downside to the summer is that gas prices have been skyrocketing! We know that you still want to watch your pocket book while you’re on summer vacation so we’ve compiled some tips to help you save money on gas this summer!

Get a Tune-Up

Ensuring that all the components of your vehicle are in proper working order will help keep your engine running efficiently and save you on gas.

Check Your Tires

Ensuring that your tires are at the manufacturer’s recommended pressure will help you decrease rolling resistance and increase your fuel efficiency.

Lighten Your Load

Pack only the essential items in your vehicle to help decrease your vehicle’s weight. The less your vehicle weighs, the more you’ll save on gas.

Use Your Cruise Control

Use your cruise control to maintain a constant speed on the highway. Maintaining a constant speed could help you decrease your fuel consumption.

Close Your Windows

Closing your windows decreases wind resistance. Excess wind makes your engine work harder so decreasing that resistance will be easier on your engine and your wallet.

Use the Correct Oil

Using the manufacturer’s recommended oil on all of your oil changes will be easier on your engine and help you on your fuel economy.

Avoid Idling Your Vehicle

It may be hot this summer so you might be tempted to let your vehicle run to cool it off but by doing this you’re wasting gas. Try parking your vehicle in the shade or use a windshield sun shade to naturally keep your vehicle cool.

Change Your Air Filter

Ensuring that your air filter is clean will allow your engine to work more effectively and help you save money on gas.

Accelerate and Decelerate Gently

Adding gentle pressure to your gas and brake will be easier on your engine and help to save you gas.

If you follow these tips we hope that you’ll be able to limit your stops to the gas station – at least to fill up your tank. Remember that if you need help with any maintenance, tire or vehicle services your local Integra Tire is always happy to help!





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