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Heating System Repair and Diagnostics

Heating System Repair and Diagnostics

About Heating System Repair and Diagnostics

When it gets chilly outside, it's likely that the first thing you'll be doing when you turn on your vehicle is cranking up the heat! When you turn the dials on your heater's control, warm air will begin blowing through the vents into your cabin. But how does it all work? During the normal operation of your vehicle, your engine produces a lot of heat - in fact, so much so that it needs to be cooled off. This is what coolant is for! As coolant circulates through your vehicle, it absorbs engine heat and then needs to be cooled off via your radiator before it circulates again. Before the coolant passes through your radiator, some coolant passes through your heater core. This heater core uses the heat from your coolant to warm air being blown from the heater fan; this is the heated air that you get in your cabin. Basically, the warmth from your engine is what heats the air in your vehicle. This is why your vehicle needs to first warm up by running the engine before your heater blows any warm air. Many vehicles have sensors that maintain a specific temperature to moderate the heat.

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Why Working Heaters Are Important

Without sufficient heat, the windshield will take much longer to defrost. In this case, your windows can "fog up" unexpectedly and you will have great difficulty viewing the road fully.

Troubling Signs

  • No warm air - If you are not getting warm air after your vehicle has been running for an extended period of time, this may indicate that your vehicle is low on coolant or possibly has a thermostat problem or a plugged heater core.
  • The smell of coolant can indicate a small leak in your heater core, causing coolant to leak out and release fumes into your cabin. Coolant will have a distinct and pungent "sweet" smell that is almost fruity.
  • Visible coolant leakage - Coolant leakage inside or outside of your vehicle can certainly contribute to poor heat.

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