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Strut Replacement

Strut Replacement

About Strut Replacement

The smooth ride you experience when driving is largely due to your vehicle's shocks or struts. A strut and a shock do the same basic job on a vehicle, damping the movement of the spring and stopping oscillation and bounce. Although shocks and struts are similar in function, they are very different. The terms "strut" and "shock" are often used interchangeably. A vehicle will have either a shock or strut at each wheel, never both, and you can not replace one with the other.

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Troubling Signs

Common causes of failing struts are:

  • A bouncy ride - The springs in your vehicle are meant to dampen the transfer of energy when your vehicle hits bumps and holes. The struts help control the springs so the wheels don't move up and down too fast. If your struts are not doing their job, your ride will be much bouncier.
  • Unusual noise - As your struts lose their ability to absorb shock, it may cause your springs to bottom out. It may also cause excessive wear on your springs and cause a squeaking noise.

The Bounce Test

Go to one corner of the car and push down. When you let go, the car should bounce up, then settle back to at-rest height. If the car bounces more than twice, you most likely need new struts.

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