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Transfer Case Repair

Transfer Case Repair

About Transfer Case Repair

If your vehicle is four-wheel drive (4x4) or all-wheel-drive, all wheels need to be powered to accelerate your vehicle. To put it in simple terms, a transfer case "transfers" power from your engine to all four wheels using the front and rear axles. Depending on the type of vehicle, transfer case configurations can be completely different.

Transfer cases are part of your overall drive train system. The power from your engine is transferred first to your transmission and then powers the components responsible for your vehicle accelerating. The components of your drive train system can include drive shafts, differentials, transfer cases, drive axles, and more. These components all work in unison and must be in sync for your vehicle to work at the best ability.

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Troubling Signs

Some of the symptoms of a failing vehicle's transfer case include:

  • Vehicle jumps out of AWD/4X4 randomly - This can be caused by worn or broken components inside your transfer case that control the operation of the AWD/4X4.
  • A grinding noise under your vehicle may be caused by fluid leaking from your transfer case causing metal-to-metal contact by the components. This can also result in a burning smell from friction.
  • Noises and/or difficulty shifting gears caused by fluid leaking from transmission out of your transfer case may be a sign that it needs repair or replacing.

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