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Transmission Repair and Diagnostics

Transmission Repair and Diagnostics

About Transmission Repair and Diagnostics

Transmissions: some are manual and some are automatic but regardless of what type you have, your transmission is ultimately responsible for getting your vehicle into gear and actually moving! Your engine is like the powerhouse of your vehicle, constantly creating rotational force. The transmission is what converts the engine’s power into the right amount of rotational force on the wheels, making your car move.

Transmission Fluid

Transmission fluid acts as a hydraulic fluid lubricant for all of the moving parts inside your transmission, ensuring they operate smoothly. Just like engine oil, transmission fluid can become filled with debris. Your transmission fluid must be changed according to your vehicle’s maintenance schedule. Transmission fluid levels and colour can be checked with the dipstick in the transmission reservoir; however, the method for doing this will depend on your vehicle’s specifications. Your vehicle will also have specific requirements for the type of fluid used. Any questions regarding your vehicle’s transmission fluid can be directed to your local Integra Tire, where our experienced technicians can take a closer look.

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Troubling Signs

Transmissions can be extremely difficult to diagnose, and like all components of your vehicle, it is best to play it safe by having an experienced technician at Integra Tire inspect your vehicle. There are some common symptoms indicating that your transmission may be starting to go and they will likely relate to abnormalities in your RPMs or show up when changing gears. A common symptom is unresponsive gear shifts; when a vehicle is put into gear, there should not be any significant delay and if your transmissions “slips” from one gear to the next, this is not normal! Any clunking, grinding noises, or “jolting” felt in the vehicle when changing gears will also be an indication of transmission problems. And last but not least, leaking transmission fluid or odd discolourations can indicate there is a failing component that needs attention immediately. Because of the importance of a working transmission, it is best to take your vehicle to your local Integra Tire Oakville where our experienced technicians can take a closer look.

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