What to Know When Buying New Tires

Posted August 14, 2015

Now is the time to start preparing for buying your new winter tires. Surprisingly, buying winter tires is not a simple process. It’s best to have an idea of how you want your tires to perform because this will help us find you the best tires for your vehicle and driving habits.

There are several things to think about when purchasing a new set of tires. First of all, you need to know what size of tire you need because not all tires come in all sizes. To find your tire size, check the side of your tire and look for a number that resembles this sequence: “P185/75R14”. tiresizedetails If you give this number to your local Integra Tire salesperson, he or she can determine the selection of tires available for your vehicle.

Once you have been given a few different tire options, it is important to discuss your driving personality with one of our Integra representatives. Your tire salesperson will want to know if you do a lot of city or highway driving, if you often haul big loads, if you drive on a lot of inclined roads, etc. All of these questions will help determine the best tire for your vehicle. You can also do some research beforehand to find out which type of tire you think is best. For winter driving, we highly recommend a snowflake certified winter tire, but you may also want to consider an all-weather tire instead. At Integra Tire we want you to feel comfortable with your purchase, so we will give you every option available.

Every tire we have available has its own unique advantages, so as long as you can tell us what you need, we can find the best fit for you.

Stop in to any of our locations across Canada or just send us an online request and we can have your vehicle set up with some new winter tires in no time. At Integra Tire Auto Centres in Canada, you’ll experience our “Integraty.”

Questions? Our Advisors are Happy to Help!

If you have questions about anything you've read in this resource page, contact your nearest dealer for more information. We are passionate in assisting our customers make the best choices to keep their vehicles in tip-top shape and keep their families safe.
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